Brighter Business Consultancy

Brighter Business Consultancy was created by Steve Young, whose speciality is in using coaching, change management, consultancy, continuous improvement and facilitation skills to create supportive environments for change and transformation.

Steve helps people make sense of change so they can move forward positively; ultimately supporting them to participate and apply themselves to change. He has been engaged in business change, continuous improvement, transformation support, teamwork facilitation and business consultancy for over 20 years, as well as coaching individuals in the areas of leadership, performance and behaviours.

Brighter Business Consultancy specialises in applying change management, consultancy and coaching to help clients succeed with change. We achieve this through three main areas, which are all strings to the same bow:

  • Through providing change management expertise, structure and strategy.
  • Through supporting change practitioners with skills development and coaching.
  • Through helping entire organisations become more resilient and agile when working in the ever-changing world we now find oursleves.

The services we offer support your change management needs whether they be supporting the realisation of project or programme aims, or through developing the organisational ability to work more fluidly with change as part of day to day business.

For further information see Steve’s LinkedIn page.¬†Or to get in touch please click here.

To support our customers to the highest standards of service and availability Brighter Business Consultancy uses Associates to provide the deep level of expertise in every area we support. This means you can always rely on being supported by an expert with many years of experience.

Steve holds himself accountable for ensuring he constantly updates and gains the skills and qualifications to serve his customers in the most powerful ways. Each BrighterBC Associate is held to the same standard, ensuring our quality and customer service is always of the highest standard.