Change Management Coaching

Change Management Coaching fits neatly into most change and transformation programmes and has two main aims. The first is to help your change practitioners through providing coaching and mentoring support. The second is to help your organisations embed coaching skills across your management and leadership levels to support smoother behavioural change. It’s all about making it easy as possible for people to understand, support and adapt to a new future… 

“It’s all about making it easy as possible for people to understand, support and adapt to a new future…”

We support organisations navigate change through providing Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching and Change Management Coaching. The coaching we deliver is developed using evidenced based approaches to ensure the most powerful and effective experience for our customers.

The BrighterBC approach to coaching is positive and professional. Using evidence based approaches means we coach in ways that have been rigorously tested and researched. We also hold ourselves to rigorous ethical standards, as defined by the British Psychological Society – as well as having membership of the Association for Coaches.

Change Coaching Leads to Sustainable Results.

Coaching is such a multi-faceted thing that it’s often difficult to articualte how it would work with your unique circumstanes and needs. However, there are three things that you can be sure of with our change coaching, regardless of whether it’s one to one or group work:

  • Our joint effort is focused on finding solutions, not getting stuck on a cycle of diagnosing problems.
  • Taking action is a constant theme – without action there can be no change.
  • Our joint effort aims to take minimal effort for maximum results. We work together to set your purpose and goals, and we use change management coaching to support you achieve them.

Brighter Business Consultancy offer coaching support in the following areas:

Leadership Coaching

Possibly the biggest influence on how your organisation grows and flourishes is the quality of your leadership. We step away from favouring certain leadership models to encourage your leaders to focus on the fundamentals – a humanistic and supportive leadership approach that supports what your business and its people need for mutual success.

Change Management Coaching

Tailored and targeted change coaching work can help manage the disruptions that inevitably occur as you move forward to new ways and futures. Poorly implemented changes impact on the relationship between yourself, your management team and your people; lowering productivity during change and potentially long after too.

Change Management Coaching is available as one to one and group work with the focus on ensuring people are heard, building greater resilience throughout your business and ensuring your people are ready to participate proactively and positively. Often this way of supporting your people is more beneficial than the change itself as the focus is on increasing resilience, adaptability and being ready.

Performance Coaching

Within your business are people who will flourish and raise their game significantly with some well though out coaching support. If your people are engaged, resilient and motivated then they will flourish and the quality of your organisations output can only increase.

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