Change Management

Change Management is about making it easy as possible for people to understand, support and adapt to a new future – even if it can’t always be good news. So everything you do to manage change should be based upon engaging, supporting, facilitating, coaching and leading people…¬†

“We support the achievement of business objectives and outcomes by creating supportive change management approaches…”

There are four fundamental areas that form the foundation for setting and maintaining direction and momentum in project and programme driven change:

  1. The first is focusing on whatever it is that’s driving the need for change, and how you articulate that in understandable¬†yet powerful ways.
  2. The second is putting together a set of outcomes that clearly lead to the changes that will fulfil your organisations’ needs.
  3. The third is focusing on how you’re going to make the outcomes happen.
  4. The fourth is working out how you’re going to support people and create the right environment so the first three can work (this applies to your delivery team and those who are impacted).

We help you make number 4 work across and within the other three areas. We do this by helping you separate what you need to do from the way you go about it. Change management is fundamentally a people thing; the way you go about managing and supporting change should be centred on making it as easy as possible on anyone affected – regardless of how they are impacted.

If the focus is on making things as easy as possible, it means the change is as easy as it can be to understand, support, get involved with and take ownership of. Focusing on making things as easy as possible should also add some form of assurance and support to the quality of the outcomes and the benefits realised, whilst also creating the potential for additional value through better engaged people for the future.

We support the successful achievement of business objectives and outcomes by creating supportive change management approaches to meet your unique needs. We do this by leading, teaching, coaching and supporting your change team and your people to deal with change and transformation in a people focused way. We do this by using a very simple set of stages to create the backbone of your approach to managing change. These are:

  1. Raising Awareness
  2. Enabling Comprehension
  3. Developing Support
  4. Encouraging trying, testing & learning
  5. Facilitating transition
  6. Expediting Adoption

You’ll notice they’re not a million miles away from widely publicised approaches such as PROSCI, ADKAR and APM. That’s for good reason – there are only so many ways to do these things! What we do is help you put energy into it, focus it in the right ways, and make sure it’s used as a structure from which you can build acceptance and support that ultimately results in you achieveing your programme aims and objectives.

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