Coaching for Programme & Project People

Helping People to Succeed in Difficult Environments

We provide coaching to programme managers, project managers, product owners, change agents, sponsors and anyone else who works with change and transformation. Although often overlooked, we find that using coaching in projects and programmes helps both the individuals and the teams across a number of perspectives:

  • Helps people develop the skills and outlook to better deal with difficult situations.
  • Helps people to deal with the pressures and challenges that programme and project life can bring, and use these skills to support the people around them.
  • Helps people to learn how to reflect and evaluate their approach and impact continuously, investing insights into further success.
  • Helps people to work in and manage difficult situations and also develop skills to understand other peoples perspectives better. 
  • Helps people with their wellbeing and resilience in what are often difficult and fast moving environments.

Typically, the focus is on helping people understand themselves and those around them better, as well as understanding the environments they work in and how best they can apply their skills and competences. As such, coaching can be can be highly beneficial whether it is used with one person or the whole team as it develops people to apply themselves and share what they learn in new ways. This improves the prospects for your transformation, programme or project in many areas such as:

  • Fostering greater levels of resilience, motivation and commitment.
  • Enabling a wider perspective which in turn helps create a greater ability to support “the people side” of change.
  • Providing the opportunity for evaluating and embedding learning builds a stronger team both for current and future projects.
  • Enabling people to thrive throughout the ever-changing, fast-paced and pressurised environments that are often found within projects and programmes.
  • Creating greater levels of resilience, engagement and optimism for the work ahead.
  • Focusing on individuals, and their role and strengths within the team, helps provid better engagement, clarity and energy.
  • Being coached and learning coaching skills leads to better communication and engagement with the people who have to adapt for the changes your programme or project is bringing.
  • Improves the quality and consistency of leadership, communication and management skills – creating stronger teams.

Our approach to coaching people is goal oriented and rooted in solution focused approaches, which ensures that each individual is guided to examine what works, what doesn’t and to turn insights and learning into opportunity and action. We find this is the perfect complementary approach to support most project and programme environments. There are three things you can be sure of with our approach to coaching:

  • Our joint effort is focused on finding solutions, not getting stuck on diagnosing problems.
  • Taking action and enablement are constant themes. Without these progress will be slow and people may be less engaged.
  • Our joint effort aims to take minimal disruption for maximum results. You select your goals and targets for your future and we work to support you achieve them.

If you’d like to find out more about coaching, either for yourself or for your team, please get in touch for an initial discussion.

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