Managing Business Transformation

Creating the environment for business transformation success.

We help you develop the best approach for your team through helping you create a robust, supportive environment that will lead to your requried business benefits. We do this by helping you understand the distinction between structure and methodlogy (good governance) and the way you go about implementing it (engaged, motivated, resilient and skilled team). 

Change and transformation is fundamentally a people thing, so the way you go about managing and supporting change should be centred on making it as easy as possible on anyone affected – for the people on the team as well as those who are impacted. If the focus is on making things as easy to consume as possible, it means the change (even complex change) is as easy as it can be to understand, support, get involved with and will ultimately enable greater ownership throughout. 

We support the successful achievement of your business objectives and outcomes by creating a supportive project or programme management capability to meet your unique needs. An approach that focuses on engagement and mobilisation of people so they can apply their skills in the most powerful and beneficial ways, underpinned by a simple set of principles to help shape the way:

  • Mobilisation is a continuous activity (the team changes and so does the programmes needs).
  • Awareness & understanding are key (we all need to know what’s important all the time).
  • Supporting & enabling each other creates the environment for success (transformation requires a team that looks out for each other).
  • Fail fast and learn (we must encourage trying, testing & learning).
  • Structure, governance and controls need to be agile and responsive (flexible and adaptable to changing requirements).
  • Change management and expediting adoption dictate business benefits (people need engaging and motivating to work well).
  • Leadership and management needs to be consistent, available and visible.

Our approach adn the tools adn techniques we use are taken from the very best evidence-based approaches to change management, programme management, business improvement and coaching. As such what we do is enabled via tried and tested approaches (such as Prince 2, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Agile, Lean Six Sigma, PROSCI, ADKAR and APM). There are cross-overs and commonality among many of these, and we have become skilled and experienced in modifying and blending the best of these methodologies to meet your needs. 

We help you put energy into it, focus it in the right ways, ensure people are supported and make sure it’s used as a structure from which you can build the acceptance and support that ultimately results in you achieving your programme aims and objectives.

The best part? Doing it with us leaves your people with new skills and experiences so they can sustain and build upon your success well into the future.

Sound good? Then get in touch to learn more.

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